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Bek also drew a beautiful alt ending for that hachi and saburo pic TY BEK…

and here are the usual twitter chicken scratchings…!

[トレス kind of]

I watched Arrietty the other day, and I love it so much!!! here are.. some.. crossovers bc I am a nerd (I THINK SHO LOOKS LIKE HEISUKE LIKE… A LOT is it just me)




Can we please stop stealing people’s art without their consent?

Especially Japanese artists?

Because believe or not, when you take a dojinka’s art and post it somewhere else without permission, not only will you make them very sad (not to mention angry) when they find out, but you…

Read it

(via kurorolls)

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

You can read it on pixiv

No mickeys. I love how bizarre this song is so I decided to draw a 20 page comic of it. Giorno’s the main focus, but there’s giomis inside too

i survived submission/deadline week somehow and now i have time to draw hachi again!!!!!! 

I received Rasse-san’s mail today and finally got my copy of the korean giomis anthology!! It was out in March for the Korea jojo only event but due to stuff she only got to send it out recently. IT’S GREAT!!! IT’S LOVELY and I’m glad my comic doesn’t look silly when printed out, ehehe

she also threw in a Gio and Isaku!!! ^///^